TALAKAG - the etymology of which came from the Bisayan dialect LAKAG meaning "to go after” or
“follow in pursuit” and the prefix TA denoting “fondness in doing such”.
In other words, Talakag means “fondness in giving pursuit”.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Another Fire in Talakag

Another fire broke out between 11:00 and 11:30 last night in Talakag, just across the Town Plaza and beside the Asian Hills Bank. It is at the corner plot occupied now by the Delaotas but during the 60s/70s by the Macarambons. The fire gutted timber-built commercial establishments including Atty Wilfredo Linaac Law Office; Atty Rochelle Dagaraga Law Office; Gloria Cariton’s Carenderia; an internet cafe; a fruit shop belonging to the Labita family and some buildings that were occupied as residences and boarding houses. Gevic’s Store which is owned by Gemma Pajo narrowly missed the fire. Had it not rained heavily early last night, the fire could have been worst. Fire trucks from the Municipal Fire Department, Dole and Del Monte were at the scene to help tackle the fire.

As of 8:00 this morning, the origin and cause of the fire were still being investigated. One person who rushed back into a burning building to locate a child suffered burns and is being treated at Talakag Medicare Hospital.

It is ironic that the fire happened in the month of March which is the “Fire Prevention Month”. Here are some pictures I took this morning:

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Miss Talakag Crown and Title - Keeping It in the Family

Beauty, body and brains definitely run in the family as Naomi Grace Artango Alder (Miss Talakag 2010) handed her crown and title over to her first degree cousin Joyce Artango (Miss Talakag 2011). The Miss Talakag Beauty Pageant was held tonight at the Plaza Covered Court with a formal black and white theme. The stage had a black background with white accent and the candidates paraded in black and white long gowns during the finale.

Here are the results of the

Miss Talakag 2011 Beauty Pageant:

Miss Talakag 2011 - Joyce Artango (centre)

1st Runner-up - Maybelle Ann Naca (left)

2nd Runner-up - Jezebel Abao (right)

Winners of the Special Awards:

Miss Friendship - Violyn Labadan

Best in Production Attire - Maybelle Ann Naca

Best in Swimsuit -Thara Jean Amomonpon

Best in Long Gown – Joyce Artango

Best in Talent – Jezebel Abao

Best in Talaandig Costume – Jezebel Abao

Most Eloquent – Jezebel Abao

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Linggo Ng Talakag 2011: Parade

PICTURE POST: Linggo ng Talakag celebrations kicked off today at 8:00 am with a parade around the town with representations from the schools, civil service and private sectors, the lumads, the retired teachers and, of course, the Miss Talakag candidates.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Preparations for Linggo Ng Talakag 2011

PICTURE POST: In the build up towards the Linggo Ng Talakag 2011 celebrations later this week, here's what you'll see around Talakag at the moment.

Band Rehearsal

Dance Rehearsal

Ukay-ukay Display

Funfair Ride

Preparing the Motorcross Track
Enthusiats Try Out the Motorcross Track

Monday, 7 March 2011

Linggo Ng Talakag 2011 - Schedule of Activities

“To enliven the cultural and contemporary practices of the Talakagnons”

March 17 – Thursday
4:00am - Pamuhat (At the back of SB Office)
6:30am - Mass (St Joseph Parish Church)
8:00am - Parade (Around Poblacion)
9:00am - Opening Program, Agro Fair, Cheer Dance/Drum & Lyre Presentation (Public Plaza)
2:00pm - Volleyball Competition (Public Plaza)
8:00pm - Presentation of Candidates: Miss Talakag (Municipal Covered Court)
10:00pm - Fireworks Display (Public Plaza)
10:30pm - Night Cafe (Public Plaza)

March 18 – Friday
9:00am - Mass Wedding (St Joseph Parish Church)
10:30am - Baptism (St Joseph Parish Church)
2:00pm - Badminton Tournament (Municipal Covered Court)
4:30pm - Novena (St Joseph Parish Church)
5:00pm - Mass (St Joseph Parish Church)
6:00pm - Basketball (Big 4) Semi-Finals (Municipal Covered Court)
8:00pm - Badminton Tournament (Municipal Covered Court)
10:00pm - Night Cafe (Public Plaza)

March 19 – Saturday
7:00am - First Mass (St Joseph Parish Church)
9:00am - High Mass with Bishop Jose A Cabanlan (St Joseph Parish Church)
10:00am - Motocross (FARBECO)
1:00pm - Mga Larong Pinoy (Public Plaza)
1:00pm - Badminton Tournament (Municipal Covered Court)
2:00pm - Handicaps’ Event (Public Plaza)
6:00pm - Basketball Championship Game (Municipal Covered Court)
8:00pm - Night Cafe (Public Plaza)

March 20 – Sunday
8:30am - Trisikad Race (Starting Point at San Isidro)
9:00am - Tug of War (Public Plaza)
2:00pm - Volleyball Competition (Public Plaza)
7:00pm - Talent Night: Miss Talakag (Municipal Covered Court)
10:00pm - Night Cafe (Public Plaza)

March 21 – Monday
8:30am - BMX Bike Competition (Starting Point at Balubal)
9:00am - Boxing (Public Plaza)
2:00pm - Volleyball Competition (Public Plaza)
7:00pm - Cultural Night (Municipal Covered Court)
10:00pm - Night Cafe (Public Plaza)

March 22 – Tuesday
8:30am - Marathon (Starting Point at Bauble)
10:00am - 3 Wins (Talakag Sports Arena)
2:00pm - Volleyball Competition (Public Plaza)
7:00pm - Pageant Night: Miss Talakag (Municipal Covered Court)
10:00pm - Night Cafe (Public Plaza)

March 23 – Wednesday
8:00am - Motocross (FARBECO)
8:00am - Women’s Summit Parade (Around Poblacion)
1:00pm - Games (Public Plaza)
6:00pm - Awarding Ceremony (Municipal Covered Court)
8:00pm - Night Cafe (Public Plaza)

Source: Mr Randolph Amoguis from the Mayor's Office

(Note: Schedule subject to change without prior notice.)