TALAKAG - the etymology of which came from the Bisayan dialect LAKAG meaning "to go after” or
“follow in pursuit” and the prefix TA denoting “fondness in doing such”.
In other words, Talakag means “fondness in giving pursuit”.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

A Farm, 2 Rivers & Pink Blossoms in Talakag

The last day of April was a busy one and full of adventures in Talakag.  It started with an early drive to Lingi-on where my cousin Portia has a farm.  Today was scheduled for planting corn and cassava.  It's division of labour all the way.  It was very interesting to see so much activity on a three-hectare piece of land against the backdrop of Mt Kitanglad.  What a pretty sight!

Corn Planters
Cassava stalks are chopped into 20cms cuttings.
Cows plough to create the furrows.
The cuttings are dropped flat into the furrows.
The soil is scraped back by foot to cover the cuttings.
We wandered to the next property owned by another cousin whose wife runs a landscaping business.  Here’s a few samples of some plants on display.

While in the area, we took the opportunity to visit Minontay River.  It’s been ages since we were here.  This is where we used to go for picnics during our high school days.  I'm pleased that the roads are much better now and construction work is in progress to connect the roads between Sagaran, Baungon and Libona.

Minontay Bridge
Malinao area where we used to swim.
Crystal clear water that you could see right to the bottom.
The lower part of the river is shallow and full of stones.
Catching up with cousins Portia and Alex.

After a quick lunch, we drove towards Sto Nino and from there we headed to Tirocan.  Just a couple of kilometres from the main highway, we were welcomed by an avenue of Pink Blossoms and Pine trees.  No sign of El Nino here; the grass is greener against the contrast of the pink blossoms and the blue sky.  If not for the bahay kubo and the banana plantation in the background, it’s like being amongst the Cherry Blossoms in Japan in the spring.

With more time on our hands, we decided to drive back past Poblacion and down to Uguiaban River to check out the newest start off point for water rafting.  The river was crystal clear and an ideal place to cool off this summer.  Will certainly be back for a picnic very soon.

There’s lots to see in Talakag, if only you’re prepared to venture out and explore.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Inside Ki Bathala Gardens in Talakag

If you have been travelling the Cagayan de Oro-Talakag route, you probably noticed the statue of a Carabao with a Lizard by the roadside of Barangay Balaon, not that far from Uguiaban Bridge.  Follow the narrow trail beside the statue leading to Ki Bathala Gardens for a jungle-like experience in a cool temperature with amazing views of the forest and Kalawaig river.

Today, we dropped by Ki Bathala Gardens to check out the preparations for Luna Musikalawaig Festival 5.  It's a three-nights concert they organise every April which also coincides with the Full Moon.  They're on their 5th year of running this event.  Revelers will have the opportunity to see Waway Saway of Lantapan, our very own Bukidnon Pride perform this weekend. This year's Festival will be April 21-24.

For more details contact:
Phone   0920 911 9282
Email   ahab_33@yahoo.com

Book early to take a pick of sleeping quarters of either the bamboo huts or bring your own tents.  They charge 1,500 pesos for 3 nights or 700 pesos for 1 night.

There is also an Art Gallery in the compound displaying artwork by various artists.  Even the toilet facility is a work of art itself.

Rene's son shows us how to unhusk a coconut and there's a lot of them around.

By the way, no bringing of food and drinks from outside is allowed.  However, drinks and food home-cooked by Tess (Rene's wife) will be sold on the premises, using fresh and organic ingredients.  Please note that our dog Molly is not on the menu!

The clearing behind me is the concert area and here's some of the volunteers taking a break from setting up the stage.