TALAKAG - the etymology of which came from the Bisayan dialect LAKAG meaning "to go after” or
“follow in pursuit” and the prefix TA denoting “fondness in doing such”.
In other words, Talakag means “fondness in giving pursuit”.

Monday, 8 October 2012

May 2013 Election: List of Candidates for the Municipality of Talakag

Today, I visited the COMELEC Office of Talakag to obtain the names of candidates seeking election come May 2013:

Name of Candidate  -  Political Party

For Mayor
1.      Macapayag, Nestor  -  Bukidnon Paglaum
2.      Sulatan, Renato Roa  -  Aksyon Demokratiko
3.      Tinoy, Rodnie Lupiahan  -  DPP

For Vice Mayor
1.      Factura, Vergito Ociones  -  Bukidnon Paglaum
2.      Sansanan, Rosenio Samontao  -  Aksyon Demokratiko

For Councilors (in alphabetical order)
1.      Aguda Sr, Oscar Dacuycuy  -  Bukidnon Paglaum
2.      Amatiaga, Aileen Balones  -  Independent
3.      Asilan, Geonoro Luminda  -  Aksyon Demokratiko
4.      Co, Dionecio Tambeling  -  Independent
5.      Dalman, Sargenio Ganohon  -  Aksyon Demokratiko
6.      Dayanan, Gerry Matulac  -  Bukidnon Paglaum
7.      Gayonan, Susan Bustillo  -  Bukidnon Paglaum
8.      Gomez, Fernando Andamon  -  Aksyon Demokratiko
9.      Haguingan, Fidel Yacapin  -  Independent
10.  Lladas, Raul Naveses  -  Aksyon Demokratiko
11.  Macapayag, Ryan Noble  -  Bukidnon Paglaum
12.  Madrigal, Lito Mapano  -  Aksyon Demokratiko
13.  Mercado, Jonathan Caballero  -  Independent
14.  Monje, Angelo Obod  -  Aksyon Demokratiko
15.  Murillo, Reynaldo Yanez  -  Independent
16.  Nanolan, Edgar Tiguman  -  Independent
17.  Neri, Samuel Maandig  -  Independent
18.  Noble Jr, Amado Zayas  -  Independent
19.  Omriso, Aurelio Albano  -  Aksyon Demokratiko
20.  Onda, Junna Molinas  -  Independent
21.  Pacuno, Abdon Villanueva  -  Independent
22.  Sabang, Yolanda Sotelo  -  Bukidnon Paglaum
23.  Seno, Wilfredo Deveza  -  Bukidnon Paglaum
24.  Sindalan, Delilah Orcajada  -  Aksyon Demokratiko
25.  Sungkitan, Junice Baclay  -  Bukidnon Paglaum
26.  Taqueban, Carlos de Castro  -  Bukidnon Paglaum
27.  Tianzon, Romeo Blanco  -  Independent

For a list of candidates for various Bukidnon provincial seats, please check Bukidnon Online.  For Talakagnons, the ones to watch out for are:
·         1st District Congressman Jess Paras who is seeking re-election.
·         Vice Governor Zubiri who is keen to be Governor again.
·         Fellow Talakagnon Allan Bigcas aka ALBIGS (the new politician on the block) who is running for Governor against Zubiri.