TALAKAG - the etymology of which came from the Bisayan dialect LAKAG meaning "to go after” or
“follow in pursuit” and the prefix TA denoting “fondness in doing such”.
In other words, Talakag means “fondness in giving pursuit”.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Firepower in Talakag: Pacquiao vs. Cotto

The people of Talakag may not have been able to travel to Las Vegas, USA to watch the Pacquiao vs. Cotto boxing match but, thanks to Jess Paras, the general public were able to witness today via satellite how Pacman stopped Cotto at 55 seconds of the 12th round right here in Talakag.

Jess Paras is running for Congressman for our District in Bukidnon in the 2010 elections. What a way to launch his candidacy to a wider audience by sponsoring this show here in Talakag and I must admit that the gesture was impressive. A smart promotional strategy for Jess indeed and his contenders better think fast of something smarter to beat this one.

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