TALAKAG - the etymology of which came from the Bisayan dialect LAKAG meaning "to go after” or
“follow in pursuit” and the prefix TA denoting “fondness in doing such”.
In other words, Talakag means “fondness in giving pursuit”.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

May 2010 Election: List of Candidates for the Municipality of Talakag

Today, I visited the COMELEC Office of Talakag to obtain the names of candidates seeking election come May 2010:

Macapayag, Nestor - Mayor
Sulatan, Renato - Vice Mayor
Gayonan, Susan - SB
Pacuno, Abdon - SB
Lladas, Raul - SB
Sansanan, Rosenio - SB
Samontao, Morillo - SB
Seno, Wilfredo - SB
Factura, Vergito - SB
Monje, Angelo - SB

Noble, Amado Sr - Vice Mayor
Noble, Amado Jr - SB
Haguingan, Fidel - SB
Janao, Pedro Jr - SB
Ciervo, Daniel Fabian - SB
Borreta, Eugenio - SB
Ngaso, Felizardo - SB
Sabang, Yolanda - SB
Mapano, Rey - SB

Santiago, Timoteo - SB
Bigcas, Alberto - SB
Madrigal, Lito - SB

Romulo, Rodrigo - Mayor
Tinoy, Rodney - Mayor
Lanado, Emeterio Jr - SB
Taqueban, Carlos - SB
Gozo,Eleazar - SB
Tianzon, Romeo - SB
Mapano, Freniel - SB
Palangga, Thomas - SB

For a list of candidates for various Bukidnon provincial seats, please go to Bukidnon Online.


  1. Hi, thanks for your hardworking for this blog. I hope fellow Talakagnons will make use of it as a channel of learning what's going on in our town. I wish I could know you more since I just heard you thru your blog. Im Rony from Barangay Cosina but now Im in Mongolia working with UK international dev't org as Education Advisor. Hope to hear from you then, ronibee04@yaho,com

  2. I'm happy to see the list of the people who has the desire to be the leaders in our town. Yeah, everyone has basic political right to run in any election, but I'm hoping that may this people will come to realize that it's not a matter of filing and winning in an election. It's a matter of how much they could impact their responsibility to change the lives of their constituents. My dear leaders to be, before taking your seat in the local government examine yourself on what agenda you could bring to address the needs of the community people. I hope that in your incumbency you will prioritize the basic needs of the people where available resources can be developed to uplift people's lives. Developing a community-based resources into a productive industry could be a much more realistic and helpful to our fellow Talakagnons.

  3. Hi Rony - Thanks for your comments. I know how you feel because when I used to live abroad I longed for news about Talakag too. That's why I created this blog.
    Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best candidates to win in May 2010.
    Please drop by again soon.

  4. Many thanks Ms Marilou, yeah, i will keep in touch always to hear any updates over there. Kind regards...

  5. Well, thanks for sharing this list. I am well informed. Keep posting!


  6. @mayorramonguico - thanks for dropping by.