TALAKAG - the etymology of which came from the Bisayan dialect LAKAG meaning "to go after” or
“follow in pursuit” and the prefix TA denoting “fondness in doing such”.
In other words, Talakag means “fondness in giving pursuit”.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Please help Bukidnon Online Win in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards

Two years ago when my husband and I decided to retire in Bukidnon from England, I started surfing the net for more information about Bukidnon. I was lucky to have come across Bukidnon Online. I found Bukidnon Online a reliable resource that’s up-to-date and interactive that I have bookmarked it.

So Bukidnon Online gets my vote in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards for the following reasons:
  • Bukidnon Online shares up-to-date information on what’s going on in Bukidnon with the rest of the world.
  • Bukidnon Online takes pride in showcasing the Province of Bukidnon on the internet.
  • Bukidnon Online actively promotes Bukidnon as a tourist destination in the Philippines.
  • Bukidnon Online provides a free and voluntary service for the people of Bukidnon.

Recently, when Bukidnon Online organised the Bukidnon Bloggers to help promote Bukidnon and take an active role in initiating changes for the good of Bukidnon, my husband and I didn’t hesitate to join.

So I’m calling all Filipino bloggers out there with Bukidnon connections. Let’s help Bukidnon Online win in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.


  1. Hello Maam Marilou! I've now linked your blog to my Bukidnon Photo Journal. Hope to meet you and the rest of the Bukidnon Bloggers again soon!

  2. Woohoo thank you thank you thank you thank you so much!!!

  3. @ Earl - Thanks. I'm happy to exchange links. Yes, Jim and I are looking forward to our next Bukidnon Bloggers meeting.

  4. @ Irene - You're welcome and good luck.