TALAKAG - the etymology of which came from the Bisayan dialect LAKAG meaning "to go after” or
“follow in pursuit” and the prefix TA denoting “fondness in doing such”.
In other words, Talakag means “fondness in giving pursuit”.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Anlaw Ta Talakag 2016 Schedule of Activities

Once again, here comes the annual celebration of the Anlaw Ta Talakag.  This is a week-long celebration which will run from March 14–20.  If you’re planning to visit Talakag, make it this time.  Join in the fun as there’s plenty to see and do.  Check out the tentative schedule of activities below:

March 14 – Monday
Pamuhat Ritual
Thanksgiving Mass
Grand Parade
Ribbon Cutting and Opening Programme
Drum & Lyre Presentation
Higaonon Jam
Horse Racing
Presentation of Laga Ta Talakag 2016 Candidates
Fireworks Display
Wet and Wild Party

March 15 – Tuesday
Fun Run
Elite Models Fashion Show by Gaisano

March 16 – Wednesday
Women’s Parade
Tree Planting
Basketball Championship
March 17 – Thursday
Larong Pinoy
Basketball Parokya
Pareng Bukid Concert
Talent Night Laga Ta Talakag 2016
March 18 – Friday
Basketball Championship
Night Café
March 19 – Saturday
Dos Pakatok

March 20 – Sunday

Table Tennis Competition
Coronation Night Laga Ta Talakag 2016
PLEASE NOTE as this year is the 99th Anlaw Ta Talakag, you have to mark your calendars in advance for next year when we celebrate the 100th Anlaw Ta Talakag.  It’s a must HOMECOMING for any Talakagnon.  Big plans and more activities are being drawn up so check back here for any updates.

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